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Stacks API v13 for Stacks 5.0

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The Stacks Bundle

Overview Each stack stack is a bundled folder. The folder contains all the template files, assets, and a property list that defines how the stack will behave.

The Bundle Structure

The bundle of a stack follows the standard Mac OS X bundle structure. It looks like this:

The Property List — Info.plist

All of the properties that will be used for your stack are stored in the Info.plist file. You can learn more about it in the Info.plist document. A stack without an Info.plist file will not be loaded by stack.


All of the files (other than the Info.plist) used by your stack should be stored inside the Resources folder. This includes all of the templates, assets, and anything else your stack requires.

More Stacks

You can place a complete stack bundle inside the Resources folder of another stack. This allows a number of related stacks to be installed from a single Finder icon. If many stacks are delivered this way in a bundle, only the top-most stack should include an automatic updater URL. In this way all of the stacks will be updated as a single bundle.

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