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Property Value


Available: Stacks API v2



or for control arrays



This template returns the value of a property. Properties and their corresponding controls are defined in the Info.plist file. When a user changes the properties by adjusting the controls, this value will change in real time.

Example 1: use the value of an slider.


The slider value is: %id=slider_id%

exported HTML with the slider set to 10:

The slider value is: 10

Example 2: use two number fields in a control array.


Image size to: %id=number_id[0]% x %id=number_id[1]%

exported HTML with the values 800 and 600 in the number fields:

Image size to: 800 x 600

Example 3: use radio buttons to change text alignment


.myTextClass {
        %[if %id=radioButton[0]% ]%  left;    %[endif]%
        %[if %id=radioButton[1]% ]%  center;  %[endif]%
        %[if %id=radioButton[2]% ]%  right;   %[endif]%

exported CSS with the middle button pushed:

.myTextClass {
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