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macOS Minor Version


Available: Stacks API v13




This is replaced with the minor component of the macOS version. The minor component is the second of the three components of the macOS version. As an example, the current version as of this writing is macOS 13.0.2, so the major compoent is 13, the minor component is 0, and the patch component is 2. This template would be replaced by 0.

This is not meant to be a human readable value, if you need the full human readable macOS version you should use %macOSMajorVersion% instead.

The value returned is an integer, so this template works well as part of a conditional statement or a math expression.

If you need to compare to a specific version of macOS, you might also consider using %macOSVersionAsInteger% instead which is perfect for doing version comparisons.


You are running

%[if %( %macOSMinorVersion% > 0 )% ]% 
    an updated version of macOS after the first release.
    the first release of this version of macOS.

You are running an updated version of macOS after the first release.

A Note About Big Sur

It should be noted that macOS/Mac OS X, versions and naming both shift in an unexpected way at macOS Big Sur. The major component didn’t increment for many years. All versions prior to and including Big Sur had the major version of 10. After Big Sur the major version always increments and is one bigger than the year before. Below is a list of the versions, names, and associated components.

The macOS Names and Versions

macOS Name Version Number Major Minor Patch
Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.0 10 12 00
Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.0 10 13 00
Mac OS X Mojave 10.14.0 10 14 00
Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.0 10 15 00
macOS Big Sur 11.0.0 11 00 00
macOS Monterey 12.0.0 12 00 00
macOS Ventura 13.0.0 13 00 00
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