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Stacks API v11 for Stacks 4.0

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Icon File — icon

Available: Stacks API v7

The base name of your stack’s icon files.

New in Stacks API v7

The library displays 3 icon sizes and can be viewed in both Hi-DPI (Retina) and standard displays. This means that there are potentially 6 icon sizes to create.

In your plist you provide the base name of the icon file. Stacks will look for the various sizes using this name. You should name your files following this convention:


Standard DPI

It is recommended to create an icon for each size. However if you provide only some sizes, Stacks will scale the avialable icons to fit the sizes that are not available.

Note: All older icon file standards are supported in Stacks 3, icon images are scaled to fit the new sizes which reduces the quality of the icon image. It is recommended to add all the new icon sizes. There are several open source icon templates and help apps available on the YourHead GitHub.

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