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Details Button — detail

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Details Button — detail

Available: Stacks API v7

A toggle button specifically for showing more details. It behaves exactly like a checkbox (and it’s value can be used in template variables just like a checkbox) but it has a UI that is simple. It does not display a title, but does have a tooltip for explanation.

Default Value

The value of the details button when it's the stack is placed on the page.


The ID for this control. This ID must be unique within this stack. The ID is used to refer to control’s property. IDs should be alpha-numeric (dashes and underscores are allowed), but should not contain special characters.

Tool Tip

The tooltip value is used to display hints for the user on the use of each control. If the function of the control is obvious, then a tooltip should be avoided. Simply re-displaying redundant information like the title has no value to the user.

© . YourHead Software all rights reserved.